Characteristics of environmental-friendly permeable bricks

environmental-friendly permeable bricks

The environment-friendly permeable brick and its performance index mainly include:

Permeable Brick is a new century environmental protection building material to solve the urban surface hardening, create high-quality natural living environment and maintain the ecological balance of the city.
Permeable brick has the characteristics of maintaining the ground permeability, moisturizing, anti-skid, high strength, cold resistance, weathering, noise reduction, sound absorption and so on.
It uses slag scrap, waste ceramics as raw materials, after two times molding, is a green environmental protection products.

What are the characteristics of permeable bricks that make it so popular in the market:

1, with good water permeability, permeability, can make rainwater infiltration into the ground quickly, replenish soil water and groundwater, maintain soil moisture, improve the living conditions of the urban surface plant and soil microorganisms.

2, can absorb water and heat, adjust the temperature and humidity of the local surface space, to adjust the urban microclimate, alleviate the urban heat island effect has a greater role.

3, can reduce the urban drainage and flood control pressure, to prevent public water pollution and treatment of sewage has good effect, so that the road is not stagnant water.

4, no water after the rain, after the snow does not skid, convenient for citizens to travel safely.

5, the surface of the small bump, to prevent reflective road, absorb the noise generated by the vehicle, can improve the comfort and safety of vehicle traffic.

6, rich in color, natural and simple, affordable, diversified specifications.

What is self-cleaning permeable brick

self-cleaning permeable brick

Self-cleaning permeable brick is the application of photocatalyst technology in concrete permeable floor tiles, light catalyst under light irradiation, will produce similar photosynthesis photocatalytic reaction, producing a very strong oxidation capacity of free hydroxyl and reactive oxygen, has a strong light redox function.
It can oxidize and decompose all kinds of organic compounds and some inorganic materials, decompose organic pollutants into non-polluting water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), so it has strong anti-fouling self-cleaning, purifying air and water function, effectively solves the problem that the pore of permeable tile is easy to jam and the pollution of urban soil.
In the test with oil soaked self-cleaning water-permeable floor tile so that it does not have water-permeable function, and then placed in the sun for a week, these pores naturally open, began to water.
Typical City “psoriasis” chewing gum on the floor tile is generally difficult to remove, and self-cleaning water-permeable tiles in two weeks after the gum naturally fall off.

The effect of self-cleaning permeable brick on the improvement of urban water environment in ecological city is quite remarkable, because the impervious road in the city can not seep into the underground in time, so the rainwater accumulation and overland phenomenon are often appeared in the city.
The self-cleaning water permeable paving ground can effectively relieve the discharge pressure of urban drainage system due to its good water permeability.
In particular, compared with ordinary paving bricks, self-cleaning permeable brick has good water seepage moisturizing and breathable function.

Permeable brick Color

Permeable brick color depends on the addition of color material, mainly: red, gray, green, yellow, black, brown, brown, Brown, blue.

Permeable brick classification

Permeable brick

1, ordinary permeable brick: material for ordinary gravel porous concrete material by pressing forming, for the General Street pedestrian walk, square, is a generalization of the products.

2, Polymer fiber concrete permeable brick: the material is granite stone aggregate, high strength cement and cement polymer reinforcing agent, and blended with polypropylene fiber, feed ratio is tight, after stirring by pressing forming, mainly used for municipal, important projects and residential district pedestrian walk, Square, car park and other venues of the pavement.

3, Color stone composite concrete permeable brick: material surface layer for natural color granite, marble and modified epoxy adhesive, and the bottom polymer fiber porous concrete by pressing composite forming, this product surface gorgeous, natural color, with the general texture of stone, and concrete composite, strength higher than the stone and the cost is slightly more than the concrete permeable brick , and the price is 1/2 of stone tile, is an economic, high-grade paving products.
Mainly used in the luxury business district, large square, hotel parking and high-end Villa community and other places.

4, color stone ring oxygen body permeable brick: material aggregates for natural color stone and imported modified epoxy adhesive, through special processing molding, this product can be prefabricated, can also be cast on-site, and can spell out a variety of art graphics and color lines, giving people a pleasing feeling.
Mainly used in landscape engineering and high-end Villa community.

5, concrete permeable brick: the material for the river sand, cement, water, and then add a certain proportion of the permeable agent made of concrete products.
Compared with resin permeable brick, ceramic permeable brick and crevice permeable brick, this product is of low production cost, simple production process and easy operation.
Widely used in high-speed roads, airport runways, roadways, sidewalks, plazas and garden buildings and other areas.

6, ecological sand-based permeable brick, is through the “destruction of water surface tension” of the permeable principle, and effectively solve the traditional permeable material through pore permeability is easy to be blocked by dust and “permeability and strength”, “water permeable and waterproof” contradiction of technical problems, free sintering at room temperature, with desert stroke sand as raw materials to produce a new ecological environmental protection
Its water infiltration principle and molding method by the Ministry of Construction Science and Technology Division for the domestic initiative,
and successfully used in China’s “Bird’s Nest”, Water Cube, the Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion, Zhongnanhai office area, China’s national Day 60 anniversary of Chang ‘ an street transformation and other key projects.