What is self-cleaning permeable brick

Self-cleaning permeable brick is the application of photocatalyst technology in concrete permeable floor tiles, light catalyst under light irradiation, will produce similar photosynthesis photocatalytic reaction, producing a very strong oxidation capacity of free hydroxyl and reactive oxygen, has a strong light redox function.
It can oxidize and decompose all kinds of organic compounds and some inorganic materials, decompose organic pollutants into non-polluting water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), so it has strong anti-fouling self-cleaning, purifying air and water function, effectively solves the problem that the pore of permeable tile is easy to jam and the pollution of urban soil.
In the test with oil soaked self-cleaning water-permeable floor tile so that it does not have water-permeable function, and then placed in the sun for a week, these pores naturally open, began to water.
Typical City “psoriasis” chewing gum on the floor tile is generally difficult to remove, and self-cleaning water-permeable tiles in two weeks after the gum naturally fall off.

The effect of self-cleaning permeable brick on the improvement of urban water environment in ecological city is quite remarkable, because the impervious road in the city can not seep into the underground in time, so the rainwater accumulation and overland phenomenon are often appeared in the city.
The self-cleaning water permeable paving ground can effectively relieve the discharge pressure of urban drainage system due to its good water permeability.
In particular, compared with ordinary paving bricks, self-cleaning permeable brick has good water seepage moisturizing and breathable function.

Permeable brick Color

Permeable brick color depends on the addition of color material, mainly: red, gray, green, yellow, black, brown, brown, Brown, blue.

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